Water fun

Hey - the mountains are just perfect for unlimited water fun and action! Splash around in the valley's swimming pools and Alpine lakes, like scenic Piburger See. Daredevils can try an action-packed rafting tour. Fishing fans enjoy crystal clear mountain waters while catching big fish. I like it, baa!


After an adventurous hiking day or biking tour you are warmly invited to enjoy refreshing get-wet pleasures in one of Ötztal's swimming baths.


At the Oetz public pool families enjoy the slides and the new Kids Park, which is located right next to the public pool.
The picturesque Piburger See lake is located in a nature reserve above Oetz. It belongs to the warm lakes in Tirol as the water temperature reaches 24°C. Swimming and boat facilities, buffet and restaurant add to the unique bathing experience at this real natural gem.


Explore what may well be the sportiest 20,000 m² in the world at Area 47: a bathing lake incl. waterslide park with water slides starting at dizzying heights and a diving platform. For an adrenaline rush, try blobbing, the boulder cave and slacklining.


The mighty and healing power of water can be experienced at the Aqua Dome, Längenfeld's Spa Center offering plenty of water fun and healing spas for the whole family.


There are many more options for swimming such as the pools in Haiming and Sautens or the swimming like in Umhausen and in case of bad weather the ultimate Freizeit Arena swimming center offers great diving and water sliding facilities!

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