A tradtition of more than 100 years

Already at the beginning of the 20th century Oetz has been very popular with tourists and people from the cities have spent the summer month for "Sommerfrische" at Oetz. Therefore the tenant of the "Jagdschloß" in Kühtai, has built the Hotel 3 Mohren directly at the new main street. The construction of the hotel was mentioned in the local newspaper "Tiroler Volksbote" with the following words: "This man must have guts to challenge the emperor of the valley himself" The "emperor of the valley" was our great-grandfather Johann Tobias Haid, tourism pioneer and owner of the "Posthotel Kassl". Due to the high construction costs Alois Hell was not able to hold on to the hotel. The hotel was then purchased by the brothers Hans and Phillip Haid at the beginning of 1910 and is owned by our family ever since then.

The hotel was built by Alois Hell from December 1906 until 1908, in only 11/2 years. Due to the complex architecture, there were many construction workers needed on the site.

Alois Hell  has taken the architecture from the hotels in Meran, a place he visited a lot. When he did return from his visits, people always said: „Now he has brought a new tower with him again.“

The hotel opened in 1908 and was promoted with posters and post cards. One of the posters can be found at the new museum “Tirol Panorama” in Innsbruck. The hotel was named “Hotel 3 Mohren”, because the wife of Alois Hell came from a hotel in Lermoos with the same name.

After purchasing the hotel 1910 together with his brother, the new „Mohrenwirt“ Hans Haid married his wife Kathi in 1912 , an innkeepers daughter from Dietenheim close to Bruneck. The targets from the wedding- and silver-anniversary-shootings are still on display in the paneled parlors.

Already in the 1920´s the hotel had its own car and gas-station. Therefore it was possible to provide a pick up for the guests at the train station.

1928 the hotel was expanded and a new kitchen and additional guests rooms were built along with one of the first tennis courts of Tyrol, which is still part of the hotel.

In the 1920´s, winter sport became popular also in our region. Therefore the central heating was installed, which replaced the ovens in the rooms, also the guest house „Mohrenhäusl“ has been built in Gurgl as a place to stay for skiers.

Skiers and tourists could enjoy the hospitality of Family Haid also at the „Mohrenhäusl“ in Gurgl from the 1920´s on.

Gurgl became famous with the landing of Professor August Piccard on 27th May 1931, after he was able to reach the stratosphere with his balloon. Parts of the interior were kept at the „Mohrenhäusl“, while the gondola itself was also on display at Hotel 3 Mohren.

During the trying years of world war II the hotel was still open for guests.

After the end of the war and the liberation of Austria, the hotel was occupied first by American, and then by French troops, and was used as a military base, therefore hotel business was not possible at this time. The neighbors “Sattlers” were so kind to house the family for that period.

After the troops had left and the hotel had been handed back to the family, the whole family reestablished the hotel in the tough years after the war with a joined effort.

Already at that time „Tyrolean evenings“ were organized, a tradition that is held up until today. As seen on the picture, the events were promoted by the daughter of house, Agnes Haid.

Ever since introducing public transport to Ötztal, the hotel has had its own bus stop. Since the skiing resort of Hochoetz has been established, the free shuttle busses to the skiing resort make a stop here also.

Although perfectly connected via public transport, owner Hans Haid preferred to show the guests Oetz and its surroundings in his beloved coach, among them some famous guests such as German movie star Heinz Rühmann and his wife Hertha Feiler.

In 1956 Hertha Feiler did stay in Oetz to shoot the movie „Solange noch die Rosen blühn", Heinz Rühmann visited his wife and spent 2 weeks at Hotel 3 Mohren.

After Hans Haid had died in 1957 the hotel was given to his children Agnes and Arthur Haid and it was run by his widow Kathi together with daughter Agnes.

When Kathi died in 1965 Agnes took over the management of the hotel.

Meanwhile Arthur managed the gas station at the hotel, which he operated until his retirement.

Agnes always took care of her guests in her sincere and caring manner and represented the „Mohren“ for many years, lovingly supported by her Hans. The hotel was constantly improved to meet the demands of the modern holiday maker, also due to the establishment and further development of the skiing resort of Hochoetz. Already in the 1970´s the elevator has been installed.

Guest rooms, bathrooms and other parts of the hotel have been and continually are renovated, 2003 the wellness area has been built and the laundry was enhanced. 2006 new guest rooms were built with an extension at the back of the hotel and since then, the hotel persists in his current form.

In 2007 Agnes handed the hotel over to her nephew Heiner, who has been supporting her at the hotel since 2002. Together with his Andrea, Heiner will now run and maintain the hotel in the established family tradition. With the birth of Emma Maria Josefa Agnes in September 2008 the foundation has already been set for a continuation in the 4th generation.

In July 2008 we celebrated “100 years Hotel 3 Mohren” together with friends and guests with a week full of festivities.

In October 2010 our beloved Agnes passed away  and we will always be thankful for her kindness and  friendliness and will forever keep her in our memories.

2011 a leisure residence was built right next to the hotel, and was named „Mohrenhäusl“, like the former property in Gurgl. Guests now have the opportunity to also stay in a spacious apartment while on holiday at Hotel 3 Mohren. Among other adaptations such as the children´s playground, the new bar at the hotel did open in December 2013.

Meanwhile Emma has settled in at the hotel quite well, and with her open minded und cheerful nature is well on the way to fill the shoes of her grand aunt Agnes, and establish herself as a possible future “Mohrenwirtin”.

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