Art and culture

Oetz offers a rich variety of cultural events and many places of interest for sight-seeing. You will find one of the last preserved original village centers of Tyrol, and on the way to the church, located on a hill above the village, you will pass many historical buildings.


Weekly cultural events, such as Tyrolean evenings, where „Schuhplattler“ show traditional dances of the region, or the concert of the local brass band, show that old tradition can still be found, and on catholic holidays, such as „Herz-Jesu“ with its fire-lit mountains, the locals participate in the procession and march through town in traditional costumes. The concert „ Abendklang“ on romantic Piburg Lake or the Alphorn meeting in Hochoetz are well established yearly events, just like the „business summer“, an event, which takes place every month in the warm season.


The museums of Ötztal, such as the museum in the tower in Oetz, which features the collection of Hans Jäger, the Ötzi village in Umhausen, close to the Stuibenfall, the Ötztal local heritage and outdoor museum in Längenfeld and the nature park Ötztal tell the geological and cultural history of the valley and are a must visit for lovers of culture.


For everybody, who loves to experience Tyrol in its entire cultural diversity, Oetz is the perfect spot, due to its central location, many historic sites and places of interest are close by and easy accessible.

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